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    Tomie Raines, Inc. recognizes that all real estate transactions can be emotionally charged but the transactions of seniors can be even more so due to other life transitions that may be occurring simultaneously. Often the parties involved in the real estate decision are many with conflicting motivations and points of view. Many times the personal property accumulated over many years must be carefully assessed for appropriate disposition. In most cases properties should be staged, cleaned, have cosmetic enhancements, and repairs before marketing. Sometimes an “Aging in Place” option is warranted for a transitional period.

    Tomie Raines, Inc. is really a “one stop shop” for seniors providing a complete menu of services related to a real estate decision:

    • Client consultation and needs assessment by a credentialed Senior Real Estate Specialist. Contact Us
    • Comprehensive home study to determine condition and market value.
    • Assessment of repairs and enhancements that may improve marketability and determine what makes the most economic sense or if an “as is” sale is warranted.
    • Assist in obtaining estimates and contractor selection for needed repairs that fit into the client’s budget and timeframes.
    • Provide professional assistance in planning and hands on management of an estate sale.
    • If an “Aging in Place” option is warranted we will assist in coordinating the necessary modifications to the property including estimates and contractor selection.

    Seniors can trust Tomie Raines, Inc. to protect one of their greatest assets and help make decisions appropriate for their lifestyle and potential transition.

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